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Nothing excites me like a smart design that solves a real problem. I love working with founders and teams who know their stuff and understand the importance of design for use and business growth.

In the recent years, I have become obsessed with delivering design solutions that impact performance. One of my greatest strengths is that I never think of design in isolation, like a fine piece of art, but always how it will impact business and keep customers coming back for more.



That’s an old photo! I now have more wrinkles and a few more greys, but thanks to Eugène Schueller my hair color keeps changing all the time :)

A small introduction to my background, my education is a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Arizona with a minor in Regional Development and an Associates Degree in Interior Design. As I grew within the industry, my professional career has evolved in tandem with Interior Design as well as Architecture. I have had the great privilege of working with some well known firms in the Valley. During this time, I was able to develop both skills and provide my Clients with an experience that was sensitive to use and aesthetics. I have never looked at design as purely as something creative; it doesn’t matter how snazzy something looks, if it doesn’t deliver financial benefits to my Commercial Clients it is insignificant how fancy it is.

I’m originally from Sri-Lanka, but I have been living in the US for the past 15 years. My accent has a slight English twang to it, but on occasion you might hear the echo of my American home. My accent can be a point of conversation; however it is not as important as discussing your project and design needs, which is usually way more interesting than my roots or the island weather.

I’m a designer obsessed with self-improvement and raising the bar for my work with every design project. It’s a common designer trait to criticize the work done 2 years ago and feel most proud of your most recent project. On the flip side, if we work together, my next piece of work will be my best design yet, so your project will be close to a masterpiece! (cough, cough 😉).

Design changes every day, so I never stop learning about design, business, space and people and the way these four merge together. I enjoy posting my findings, cool designs and anything I find interesting on my Instagram page #typex_designstudio, so make sure you follow me if you want to learn more about my work or just who I am behind the scenes.



conceptual design.

This is the phase where a Client's vision develops into a tangible concept through brainstorming, research and artistic visualization. During this process, we will discover what your design concept is, what it will look like and how much it will cost.

interior design.

We create beautiful immersive designs that strike the delicate balance between colors, materials, textures, furniture, fixtures and equipment that make our projects interesting, unique and dynamic.

architectural design.

Expanding on the concept, highly detailed designed construction documents are produced for building permits and construction. 

If needed, 3D software is used for efficient design and visualization that lays the framework for the physical space.

bespoke elements.

To capture the right atmosphere for each project, Type-X creates unique pieces for both residential and commercial projects - from custom furniture & lighting to special feature walls, wall coverings and wine displays. The key to these specially designed elements is to enhance the guests' experience.

furniture, fixtures & equipment.

The goal is to ensure that the creative intent is carried throughout to the finished product. Type-X offers the service of selecting furniture, fixtures and special equipment to make your project your own.

In addition, we also offers the option to procure your desired pieces, as well as coordinate and install them.

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"We've had the pleasure of working with Davina on three separate commercial remodeling projects. During our first project we relied heavily on Davina's creativity and knack for design.  Essentially, her job was to define an in-store customer experience that complemented our existing automotive brand. With her leadership, we were able to create a design template that we've used seamlessly on the next two projects and will continue to use in the future. Whether it's vendor relations, project management, city permitting, or 3D AutoCAD modeling, Davina's professionalism stands out and that is what separates her from the rest."


- James Pillor, Owner - Lifted Trucks 


"I have had the privilege of working with Davina Griffis of TYPE-X Design Studio on two significant restaurant projects. Ms. Griffis possesses the unique blend of talents that make for a successful conceptual design. She does the necessary pre-design research, supports this with outstanding creative solutions and performs all aspects of the project on time and on budget. Keeler Hospitality Group looks forward to retaining Ms. Griffis and TYPE-X Design Studio for additional projects in the future."


- Paul Keeler, President & CEO- Keeler Hospitality Group


" Working with Davina, has been an absolute pleasure! She has a deep understanding of both classic and modern design concepts and knows how to partner with the contractor. Her ability to take positive feedback and suggestions from qualified tradesmen has been a breath of fresh air in today’s remodel arena! She realizes the benefits of team interaction at the early stages of a project and is always considerate of the client’s needs as well as desires.  I will jump at the opportunity to partner with her again."

- Mike Angelone, President - Angelone Builders L.L.C.


“We’ve worked with Davina on a total house renovation interior and exterior. Her insights and creativity elevated our vision making the results amazing. We loved working with her.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Conover


" Davina has always been amazing to work with. She takes her creative vision and motivates her suppliers to execute her design. By making things easy and clear, this helps me give her the best pricing and quickest response so that she can in turn, get back to her clients quickly. Davina really understands how to transform any space into an amazing design and is focused on all the details from the finish of the light fixture down to the color temperature of the bulb. "

- Bradley Levkowitz - Sunlighting

" Davina at Type X Design created the perfect ambiance for the Liberty Station Restaurant located in Madison, WI.  Working with Davina has been a pleasure and her overall design vision and attention to detail has been amazing.  Some words to describe working with Davina would include professional, responsive, visionary and definitely a team player.  I really hope our paths cross again and we get the opportunity to work together in the future!" 

- Jennifer Koester, Project Manager - North Central Group: Hotel Property Management


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